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Sodium benzoic

Sodium benzoic


Sodium Benzoic is a white granular or crystalline powder, odorless or slightly benzoin odor, slightly sweet and astringent, also known as sodium benzoate.

Its relative molecular weight is 144.12. It is stable in air and soluble in water. Its aqueous solution has a pH value of 8 and is soluble in ethanol. Benzoic acid and its salts are broad-spectrum antimicrobial reagents, but their antimicrobial effectiveness depends on the pH value of the food. With the increase of the acidity of the medium, its bactericidal and bacteriostatic efficacy is enhanced, but it loses its bactericidal and bacteriostatic effects in alkaline medium. Its optimal pH value for corrosion protection is 2.5~4.0.

Product name: Sodium Benzoic
Alias: Sodium benzoate; Benzoic acid sodium salt; benzoic acid sodium crystalline; benzoic acid sodium sigmaultra; Benzoic acid,sodium salt
CAS: 532-32-1
Molecular formula: C7H5NaO2
Boiling point: 249℃
Appearance: Scalelike or acicular crystals
Flashing point: 121-123℃
Melting point: 122.4℃
Water solubility: easily soluble in water
Molecular weight: 1
Application: Preservative
Safety description: excessive dosage can cause harm to human liver, and even cancer

Mainly used as food preservative, also used in dyes, etc
[Usage 1] Benzoic acid is used in the production of dye carriers, plasticizers, fragrances and food preservatives, as well as in the performance improvement of alkyd resin coatings
[Usage 2] Benzoic acid is mainly used in antifungal and antiseptic
[Usage 3] Benzoic acid is used as a chemical reagent and preservative
[Usage 4]Benzoic acid is usually used as a deodorant or preservative. It is also used as an aroma protector in fruit drinks. Can be used as a fragrance fragrance in the aromatherapy essence. Can also be used in chocolate, lemon, orange, fruit berries, nuts, preserves and other edible flavors. It is also commonly used in tobacco flavors.
[Usage 5]Benzoic acid: preservative; Antimicrobial agents.
[Usage 6] Benzoic acid is an important acid food preservative.
[Usage 7] Benzoic acid is an important acid type feed preservative.
[Product Packing] Bags, cartons, cardboard drums, 20kg and 25kg each. Packing for outer cardboard drum, lined with high pressure polyethylene film bag of 25kg/bag, also can be packed according to customer agreement. Store in a dry, ventilated warehouse. Food grade is transported and stored according to food hygiene requirements. Mixed packing and transportation should be avoided. Light packing and light unloadi

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