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Edible glacial acetic acid

Edible glacial acetic acid


Edible glacial acetic acid, as the name implies, pH is acidic, generally in the mix of white vinegar ingredients can be seen on the list.
In fact, edible acetic acid is acetic acid, acetic acid is also known as glacial acetic acid, and glacial acetic acid means that the pH is within the range of human consumption. Excess glacial acetic acid is harmful to health. The lethal dose is 20 ~ 50g in human oral passage.
Glacial acetic acid also has environmental effects and can cause explosions.
Edible glacial acetic acid, also known as edible glacial acetic acid, is generally seen on the ingredients list of mixed white vinegar. Eating too much will do harm to people's health.
The vinegar we eat contains about 3% acetic acid. White vinegar is mixed with acetic acid. It has enough acidity and poor taste.
Ice-acetic acid is anhydrous acetic acid, an organic compound. It solidifies into ice at low temperature, commonly known as glacial acetic acid. Volume expansion during solidification may cause rupture of the vessel. Flashing point39℃, explosion limit 4.0% ~ 16.0%, maximum allowable concentration in air not exceeding 25mg/m3 Pure acetic acid will freeze into ice crystals when it is lower than Melting point, so anhydrous acetic acid is also called glacial acetic acid.
Glacial acetic acid is divided into industrial and edible acetic acid according to its use. The edible glacial acetic acid can be used as sour agent and flavor enhancer. It can produce synthetic edible vinegar. Acetic acid is diluted to 4-5% concentration with water, and various flavoring agents are added to get edible vinegar. Its flavor is similar to that of brewing vinegar. It is often used in tomato sauce, mayonnaise, drunken rice sugar sauce, pickles, cheese, sugar products, etc. Use appropriate dilution, can also be used to make tomatoes, asparagus, baby food, sardines, squid and other canned, and pickles, broth, cold drinks, sour cheese for food spices, need to be diluted, can be made of soft drinks, cold drinks, candy, baked food, pudding, gum sugar, condiments, etc.. As a sour agent, can be used for mixing drinks, cans, etc.

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