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Sodium hydroxide

Sodium hydroxide


Sodium hydroxide (chemical formula NaOH) is a highly corrosive strong base, usually white flakes or particles, which can be dissolved in water to form an alkaline solution, as well as in methanol and ethanol. Sodium hydroxide has deliquescence, can absorb water vapor in the air, also can absorb carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and other acid gases.
Product name: Sodium hydroxide
Alias: Caustic soda; lye, caustic; sodium hydrate; soda lye; white caustic; caustic soda flakes; flake caustic; caustic soda solid; caustic soda pearls; solid caustic soda; Liquid Caustic Soda; Food Additives Sodium Hydroxide; Caustic soda flake; Solid Sodium hydroxide; Caustic  Soda; Sodium  Hydrate; Liquid CS
CAS: 1310-73-2
English name: sodium hydroxide
Chemical formula: NaOH
Melting point: 318 ℃
Solubility (in water): 111 g/100 ml (20 ℃)
Sodium hydroxide is a white, opaque, waxy solid with a density of 2.13. The Molecular weight is 40.00, the Melting point is 318 ℃ (591 K), and the Boiling point is 1388 ℃ (1661 K). Solubility in water is 111 g/100 mL (20 ℃). Solubility in methanol is 238 g/L, and that in ethanol is less than 139 g/L.
Molecular weight: 40.00
Boiling point: 1388 ℃
Density: 2.13 g/cm3

Features: sewage treatment

Pproduct name: Sodium hydroxide


Shape: flake

executive quality standard GB/T11212-03

Brand: Xuanyang

grade: industrial grade

Hazardous chemical: No

content 99%

Import or not: No

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