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Sodium carbonate peroxide

Sodium carbonate peroxide


Sodium carbonate peroxide is an inorganic substance, a strong oxidant, and its Molecular formula is 2Na2CO3·3H2O2 or Na2CO3· 1.5H2O2. The appearance is white crystal or crystalline powder, can release oxygen in case of moisture.
Sodium carbonate peroxide is the addition compound of hydrogen peroxide and sodium carbonate, mainly used as bleaching agent and oxidant, as well as detergent, cleaning agent and fungicide in chemical, paper making, textile, dyeing and finishing, food, medicine, health and other departments. Other uses like sodium perborate, can replace sodium perborate to save boron salt.

Basic information
Product name: Sodium carbonate peroxide
Alias: tetrasodium,hydrogen peroxide,dicarbonate;Sodium Percarbonate;Sodiumpercarbonate;
CAS: 15630-89-4
Molecular formula: C2H6Na4O12
Molecular weight: 314.02100
Precise quality: 313.94500
PSA: 247.76000

Numbering system
CAS: 15630-89-4
MDL: MFCD00043204
EINECS: 239-707-6
RTECS: FG0750000
BRN: not available
PubChem: 24863106
Physical and chemical properties
Appearance and Properties: Free flowing white granular powder
Density: 0.90 g/cm3 (20ºC)
Boiling point: 333.6ºC at 760 mmHg
Flashing point: 169.8ºC
Stability: Stable. Thermal decomposition will occur above 140 degrees F with the release of oxygen.
Storage condition: The storehouse is ventilated, lightly loaded and unloaded, and stored separately with organic matter, reducing agent and flammable sulfur and phosphorus
Vapor pressure: 2.58E-05mmHg at 25°C

Safety information
Hazardous Transport Code: UN3378 5.1/PG 2
Dangerous Goods Mark: Oxidants are harmful
Safety ID: S17S26S39
Hazard identification: R8R22R41

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